Michelle loves to throw a party!

“I’m from a really large family, and so many people meant so many celebrations. I loved being in the thick of it – organizing invites, themes, budgets, concept, designs – and I love it still!”

After launching her family events business in rural England, Michelle was mesmerised by London’s bright lights and an international finance company’s huge budgets so she moved into the corporate arena. Her career has seen her working for some of the world’s largest organizations, managing and facilitating both domestic and international events, ranging from major sports competitions to music festivals and exhibitions.

Her passion for travel brought Michelle to the Caribbean, the azure sea and balmy breezes seduced her, and ‘isla’ was born.

“I am an events designer, a wedding creator. I realized there was space for a personalized service, and that I was perfectly placed, both personally and experientially, to provide it.

“I’ve developed a reputation, achieved by listening to and drawing out people’s dreams and desires and then executing that concept and providing exceptional service. I thrive on perfection and details; I know how essential it is to understand the story behind each event so that I can bring that vision to life. This is especially important when clients are not based on island and trust me with their big day. Communicating with them from start to finish, having the 360o overview, seeing the end result together, it all brings me a huge amount of joy and satisfaction.

“I have always loved what I do, and now I get to do it in the sunshine!”