5 Steps to Destination Wedding Bliss

With year-round sunshine and a backdrop of the clearest blue sea and sky, the Cayman Islands offers the perfect place for your wedding celebrations. 

1 in 4 Brides now choose to get married abroad.. Follow our 5 steps to Destination Wedding Bliss to ensure your special day is everything you have planned, pinned and more!

Location, Location, Location!

Choosing the perfect place to host your destination wedding shouldn’t be a chore.  Once you have chosen your location, enlist the help of a local planner or go on a pre honeymoon and check out the place yourselves, to ensure you are getting the backdrop you desire 

1. Set the Date 

Once your venue has been chosen, pick a date.  With destination weddings it’s customary to give sometimes as much as 18 mths notice, depending on how large your party is.    Most venues will hold your date for a limited period to ensure it works for you and your guests.  Be sure to check logistics like seasons, sun set etc.  Getting married in the midday sun is not for everyone.

2. Choose your Planner 

This would easily be my step numero uno, simply because you let them do the ground work so you don’t have to, but if you are a Bride that likes to do things herself, ensure that step 3 is the latest time you enlist the help of your new wing man or woman.   Breath easy knowing that they will take care of all of your wedding details and are professionals at designing your day, your way.  Using a local planner is also great for destinations weddings as they can also arrange transportation, accommodation, and help with any additional activities you would like to organise for your guests.  Here at isla.ky we also ensure we gather all the necessary destination specific legal documentation required for getting married in both Cayman Islands and Jamaica. 

3. Enjoy the Fun Stuff 

Now you have the venue, it’s time for the wedding outfits, your dress, grooms suit, invitations, general look and feel of your special day.  This is what you could have possibly be dreaming of since you were a little girl.  There is so much out there it can be overwhelming, try to enjoy it, sit down with your SO (significant other) and talk about what you both want, any ideas you may have.  research photographers, cake makers, decorations, musicians, all these things make this special ay unique and special to you.  Cherish this time.  It’s a celebration of your love,  you got this! 

4. Wrap it up

Be sure to be in regular contact with your planner.  Be sure you enforce what’s important to you on your day,  don’t be afraid to drill down into the details.  If it’s not included in your package, ask for help/recommendations for local vendors, hairdressers, spas, restaurants etc.  Go through contingencies and forward any decor that needs to be delivered/ordered ahead of time.  Not your dress.  That stays with you! 

5. Touch down 

You have arrived in paradise, give yourself a few days especially if you are travelling from afar, jet lag can be awful at he best of times, give yourself and body a chance to acclimatise.  And a few extra rays of sunshine never hurt anyone.  

P.s  Say “I do” 

Breathe, say I do, and enjoy your special day!! 

Pps.  Relax… 

Having a destination wedding means you don’t need to wait for your honeymoon to start.   Enjoy married life straight after the reception, and live, (of course) happily ever after!

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